Lotrel is a two-component antihypertension medication. It consists of Amlodipine Besylate – a calcium channel blocker, which expands the blood vessels thus lowering the blood pressure, and Benazepril Hydrochloride – an ACE inhibitor, which induces a double effect. The first one is relaxation of the blood vessels and the second one is prevention of edema caused by excess of fluid in the human organism.

Taking Lotrel for high blood pressure may be justified only when the therapy with Amlodipine or Benazepril taken separately didn’t help to reach the desired effect. Another reason for using Lotrel may be the appearance of edema during amlodipine treatment.

Read on this Lotrel dosage guide to learn more about the drug intake.

Lotrel Dosage

Lotrel for high blood pressureLotrel is manufactured in the form of capsules only. When you begin treatment with this preparation, it is advised to start with the lowest dose of the pill, which is 2.5mg amlodipine/10mg benazepril, daily. Depending on the body’s reaction the initial dose may be increased, yet it may be done only after two weeks of Lotrel intake. Such period of time is needed to reach the maximal hypotensive effect at the initial stages of treatment.

In case the dose is too low to reach the aimed blood pressure numbers, it may be titrated to 5 or 10mg of amlodipine and 20 or 40mg of benazepril daily. Some patients may need an individual dosing regimen. Any change in Lotrel dosing regimen should be agreed with your doctor.

Hypotensive effect of Lotrel grows as the dose of amlodipine is risen. The same effect may be achieved by the rise of benazepril dosage, yet it doesn’t work for African-Americans.

Causes to diminish the dose of Lotrel

There are several categories of patients, who need lower dosages of the medication or should avoid its intake at all:

  • People with serious renal impairment. In case creatinine clearance is less or equal 30mL/min, therapy with Lotrel is not recommended;
  • Patients with severe liver disease;
  • Individuals taking diuretics;
  • Aged people.

The dosing regimen for such hypertonic patients should not exceed 2.5mg of amlodipine. However, your medical specialist may adjust the dose basing on your health condition and response to the therapy. Lotrel is not intended for use in children.

Dosages of medication

Lotrel dosage amountsThere are several Lotrel dosage amounts available for intake:

  • 5mg amlodipine/10mg benazepril;
  • 5mg amlodipine/10mg benazepril;
  • 5mg amlodipine/20mg benazepril;
  • 10mg amlodipine/20mg benazepril;
  • 5mg amlodipine/40mg benazepril;
  • 10mg amlodipine/40mg benazepril.

Changing the dosage of medication should be done only if it is recommended by your healthcare provider. Lowering or increasing the dose on your own may be dangerous. Turn to your doctor if your health condition hasn’t improved. Perhaps you dose needs to be titrated.

What should a patient know?

You should strictly follow your doctor’s advice concerning Lotrel intake. The preparation may be taken regardless of meals. Compliance with drinking regime is very important as therapy with Lotrel drug may lead to dehydration. Try to take the preparation at the same hours to avoid missing the dose.

Individuals taking Lotrel need regular control of the blood pressure. The intake of drug shouldn’t be stopped even if the health condition has stabilized.